After recovering from covid your body may not feel the same as it was before. If you are feeling tired and don’t have the energy that you did before we can help. Our Super Human Protocol may help get you back to your old self again or even better. Using Magnetism, Vibration, Oxygen Therapy, and Red Light we will help boost your energy levels and get you back on track. 

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Red Light Therapy


       Aspen Laser Apex for post covid syndrome. After recovering from covid you may still experience a lack of taste and smell. Our Aspen Laser can help. A few quick 10 minute treatments can have you back to yourself again. With no downtime and no side effects. The Aspen Laser can also help clear up sinus conditions.

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     Get back to your best health. We have several therapies to get you looking, feeling and performing your best. After spending days or weeks feeling sick, your body needs to recharge. The lack of motion and light can make your body shut down and make you feel tired and week. The stress you feel from not being able to do the things you like doing puts a strain on your body. Oxidative stress effects every system in your body. We can help get you back in balance and feeling yourself again.

       When you are not able to do the things your body is used to doing you can lose your sense of accomplishment. This causes mental stress that will affect your physical health. Our bodies were designed to move. We need the proper amounts of light. And we need to relieve stress. Maintain your optimum performance with a membership and get unlimited amounts of the therapies you love most.

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