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Revitalwave is a health and wellness center for Men and women. Look, Feel and Perform your best. Using cutting-edge technology Revitalwave can restore your health without medication or surgery. Our non-invasive drug-free procedures will have you looking and feeling better with no side effects and no downtime. End Erectile dysfunction, Menopause symptoms, Pain, and Inflammation.  Lose inches and regain your youthful appearance and performance. Improve your hair and skin. We have several types of therapies available to make sure you are getting the personalized program you need.

Our Registered Dietitian can put you on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Meal prep services can make eating healthy simple and stress-free. All of our therapies are supervised by an MD. Revitalwave offers drug-free treatments for just about everything that is slowing you down. Get your life back and stay at the top of your game. Why wait? Get started now. Call or email us to schedule your free consultation. Your privacy is important to us. Our MD will meet with you in confidence to make sure we address all of your needs.

Sexual wellness


The Super Human Protocol will help you recover from intense p[physical activity quickly and enhance your overall performance.

Pain Relief


Using State of the art technology from Aspen Laser and Davinci Medical Revitalwave can reduce pain and Inflammation with Red Light Therapy.

Sexual wellness


Gainswave will treat ED for Men, while Femiwave is designed for Women to improve sexual performance and function.

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