For Peyronie's disease

Acoustic shock wave Therapy

A New Treatment For Men
Suffering From Peyronie's Disease

Revitalwave uses several treatment options as therapy for Peyronie’s disease.  It has been proven to break up scar tissue and correct penile curvature. The process can also help with painful erections resulting from Peyronie’s disease. Don’t suffer anymore. Get help now.

Gainwave is a non-invasive procedure. With no downtime, no prescription, and zero side effects. This painless procedure is done in our clinic. Supervised by an MD. Our treatment breaks up scar tissue, and as a result, you will see dramatic improvements.

Why Choose A Non Invasive Treatment?

The potential complications of penile-straightening surgery are:

  • Palpable suture knots.
  • Penile shortening (approximately 1 cm for every 15 degrees).
  • Numbness of the penis.
  • Residual curvature.
  • Worsening erectile issues.

Our therapy is an alternative to surgery for Peyronie’s Disease. Avoid the side effects of surgery with Gainswave. The procedure is quick, painless, and has no downtime. Simply put, Gainswave is the best option.

Shock Wave For Peyronie's Disease

Put an end to your stress and frustration with

Therapy For Peyronie's disease

Call or email us for a free consultation. Get more information on available treatments for Peyronie’s Disease. Treatments are done here in our state-of-the-art medical facility within a spa-like setting.  Relax and get healthy.

Also, ask about The Aspen Treatment. We can have you feeling and performing your best without surgery which translates to a quicker result. 

Why suffer, get the help you deserve now and get your love life back on track.

Aspen Laser

Looking For More Alternatives?
Check out our Aspen Therapy for Peyronie’s Disease.
Another fantastic Non-Invasive treatment. No surgery, downtime, or medications. Treatments are quick and performed in our office at your convenience. Aspen can help as a treatment for Peyronie’s Disease also. Let us guide you to the right treatment for you.

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    Your privacy is important to us. Our professional staff will make you feel at ease. Comfort is important during treatment. We take every measure to make you feel good. In fact, most of our patients take advantage of our Membership Plan. The Membership Plan allows you to take advantage of all the treatments you love as often as you like. By combining different modes of therapy you will increase the effectiveness and reach your goals quicker. Many of the therapies we offer complement each other and work well together. Revitalwave offers special packages to make treatments more cost-effective. Find out more about natural healing.