Revitalwave Privacy Policy

At Revitalwave all inquiries are kept confidential. Your information is never shared with any party without your written consent. Blood test results are reviewed by an MD and are available to you upon request. The Revitalwave privacy policy is designed to keep you feeling good about coming here. You can rest assured that we never release any of your information to anyone outside of the staff that is taking care of you. 

We make every effort to separate patient appointments so that you get our undivided attention. We don’t believe that an overcrowded waiting room is the best way to spend your time. Your time is valuable to us and we want you to get the most out of every visit. 

Revitalwave will send you appointment reminders via text or email. you can choose the best method of communication best to maintain your privacy. The Revitalwave privacy policy is strictly enforced. If you wish to have a printout of receipts or records, please notify our staff and you will receive any necessary documents during your visit.

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    We have several different types of treatments available and we are always researching new treatment options. Our MD will combine several types of treatments to give you the best results and help you achieve your goals. The therapies we use compliment each other giving you the best result.

    For example, when you do a Gainswave treatment to improve blood flow we can add a red light treatment. As a result, you get a Nitric Oxide boost which will make the Gainswave treatment work better and faster. Women will respond better to Femiwave treatments when combined with PRP treatment so we incorporate that into the package. Everyone has some aches or pains so we also like to include the Aspen Laser treatments to relieve pain which will get you feeling better. When we relieve pain and stress you will respond to all therapies better and faster. Getting proper exercise and nutrition will help you get to your goals as well. That’s why we have a Registered Dietitian on staff to educate you and get you on the healthy path you need to be on.

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